We are an interdisciplinary group located in the Chemistry Department at York University in Toronto.

Our group focuses on tailoring the chemical and physical properties of materials for applications in sensing, imaging, energy conversion and optoelectronics.

One major area of interest is the development of economical sensors and bioanalytical platforms for quantifying biomarkers to enable point-of-care diagnostics and biomedical research.

Another focus is on studying the fundamental properties of nanostructures, their interfaces, and factors influencing their conjugation with engineeredĀ biomolecules or integration with polymers. Fundamental knowledge in this area helps us design better nano building blocks for various applications.

Our work employs a wide range of characterization methods including optical spectroscopies, microscopy, biochemical assays and surface-sensitive techniques. Our goal is to develop new materials and technology to address challenges in healthcare and sustainable future.


Our group in the news:

June 2019 - Jennifer receives Fred Beamish Award in analytical chemistry from Chemical Institute of Canada

Jan. 2019 - Jennifer receives Faculty of Science Early Career Research Award.

Nov. 2018 - Jennifer receives the Award for Outstanding Early-career Achievements in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Ontario from Nano Ontario.

Oct. 2018 - Jennifer is named on the Top 40 Under 40 Power List by the Analytical Scientist magazine.


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